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Concepts: 13
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# Terms Definitions
1 Acronym Word formed from successive initials or groups of letters, as NATO.
2 Analogy Comparison between like features of two things that are otherwise dissimilar.
3 Antonym Word of opposite meaning.
4 Colloquial Appropriate to casual rather than formal speech or writing.
5 Dialect Pronunciation or words peculiar to an area.
6 Dictionary Resource that lists the words of a language with their meanings.
7 Idiom Expression peculiar to a language.
8 Jargon Vocabulary meaningful only to a particular profession or group.
9 Semantics The study of meaning in language.
10 Synonym Word meaning the same as another.
11 Syntax The arrangement of words into sentences and phrases.
12 Theme Short essay; subject of discussion or art.
13 Vernacular Language used locally or in everyday speech.