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/=divided by (no division sign)

  • When diving decimals with a number like 7.68 and 1.5 you wold have to put make the 15 a whole number in order to divide 7.68 by 1.5 easier. 


Ex: 7.68 divided by 1.5=?


                               1.5 the decimal will be behind the 5 and the 1.5 will become a whole number to b

  so yo would then also move the 7.68 behind the 6 because the 1.5 moved once  and the 7.68 can only move the decimal point once and it would be 76.8 now. then you would try to divide 15 / 76.8=?


     So then you would divide as as we call it the "the roof" from a house top. You would have to and would put the decimal point straight above and on top of "the roof" Then you would have your answer and would not move the decimal point anywhere beside where it is suppose to be.








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